Bradford Parish Church Burial Registers 1681 - 1837

This publication on CD-ROM, and alternatively available as a File Download from the GENFAIR site, contains

  1.  a brief history of the Parish Church, now Bradford Cathedral
  2. transcriptions of the the burial registers, and
  3. photographs and old images.

The transcriptions of the burial registers, presented in same order as in the original registers, include SURNAME, FORENAMES, DESCRIPTION (i.e. items such as relationship to others, and occupation), ABODE, AGE, and BURIAL DATE. Before standardised registers were introduced in 1813, AGE was not often put in the registers, whereas after 1812 it was. The only information not transcribed is the clergyman performing the ceremony.

The Parish Church of St. Peter was the only church in Bradford during most of the period covered by this transcription. With just over 36,800 entries covering 157 years there is the possibility of finding perhaps 5 or more generations of ancestors if they were buried at the Parish Church.

Please note: The data, indexed alphabetically by surname, was previously published by the Society in 1997 in book format and on fiche as Name Index to Bradford Parish Church Burials 1681-1837. Because of its size it was made up of 6 volumes, and consequently it was expensive to obtain all the data in book format. Because of improvements in technology the Society has decided to now publish all the data, with extra information (see items 1 & 3 above), on this CD-ROM.

[N.B. The National Burials Index (NBI) Versions 1 and 2 contain all the names in this publication, but they do not contain relationship to others, occupationor abode.]

All the data is in PDF format which is fully searchable. PDF files require Adobe Reader to be installed on the users computer and a copy of Adobe Reader Version 6 for Windows is included on the CD.

System requirements: Windows 95 or later, Monitor display of 800x600 or higher.  Also usable on a Mac.

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The CD-ROM available for payment:

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  2. by CREDIT CARD at the GENfair website, however prices from GENfair may differ slightly because postage charges are separately calculated by weight.

It is also available from GENfair as a File Download.

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