16 Jan

A Mormon Pioneer – How did John Croft born in Bingley in 1836 become one of the leading Mormon pioneers of the time? From his ordinary start as the son of a husbandman to Salt Lake City, Utah.

Gaynor Halliday

20 Feb

Lies, Damned lies & Registration - This talk looks at some of the "mistakes" - deliberate or otherwise - that have occurred on birth, marriage and death certificates. Knowing the sort of lies that informant’s make might help you to work out what the truth really is.

Barbara Dixon

20 Mar

Hats & Huts – An illustrated account of the YMCA civilian volunteers who travelled to France to run the canteens and recreation huts provided for the use of the ‘Tommies’ when they were away from the front line.

Sue McGeever

24 Apr

AGM followed by 'Adoption - an overview and guidance for the family historian'.

Lorraine Birch

15 May

An introduction to Heraldry for family historians – Often wonder what those patterns on knights’ shields are? Now is your chance.

Gillian Waters

19 Jun

Quaker Origins in the North – The former President of Friends Historical Society, will talk about Quaker origins in the North in 17th century England, and will explain the various Quaker sources for family historians.

David Boulton

17 Jul

Visit – Undercliffe Cemetery – Meet at the Lodge, Undercliffe Lane Entrance at 6.30pm

Neil McLellan

21 Aug

The Golden Era of Postcards – the late 19th century

Graham Hall

18 Sep

Origin of Surnames - Where did your name come from?

Peter Watson

16 Oct

Jowett Cars – Pride of Bradford – The early history of the company, models through the 1920's and 1930's, Wartime activity, the post WWII models and the demise of the company.

Paul Beaumont

20 Nov

DNA for Family Historians

Carolyn Huston

18 Dec

How we did the research for the Low Moor Explosion – 21st August 1916. Including how we found Ronald Blackwell.

Mary Twentyman & Barbara Reardon

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