Roman Catholic Churches in Central Bradford 

 Transcriptions of memorials at the churches, burial registers and monumental inscriptions

St Mary's churches
St Patrick's church
St Joseph's church
St Ann's church
St Peter's church
Leeds Road Catholic cemetery

This publication on CD-ROM,  and alternatively available as a File Download from the GENFAIR site , contains

  • the development of Catholicism in Bradford,
  • a brief history of each church,
  • transcriptions of the burial registers covering the period 1856 - 1907 of St Mary's Mission and the monumental inscriptions there,
  • several photographs of monuments and headstones.

All the data is in PDF format which is fully searchable. PDF files require Adobe Reader to be installed on the users computer and a copy of Adobe Reader Version 9 for Windows is included on the CD.

System requirements: Windows 95 or later, Monitor display of 800x600 or higher. Also usable on a Mac.

Surname search facility

View Surnames that appear in the publication and over what period.


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The CD is available for payment:

  1. by STERLING CHEQUE from Publications Officer, 209 Bierley Lane, Bradford, West Yorkshire, BD4 6DN, England. Please make cheques payable in STERLING to "Bradford Family History Society", or

  2. by CREDIT CARD at the GENfair website, however prices from GENfair may differ slightly because postage charges are separately calculated by weight.


    It is also available from GENfair as a File Download.

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